Femtotro 2 (C64) and Yoctotro (C64) released

You wait for an ICC entry to come and two arrive at once… Femtotro 2 continues where the original Femtotro and its smaller brother Zeptotro left off by running the entire intro apart from the music in the screen RAM. Strictly speaking, it’s a 1K intro with just shy of 2K in music attached to it and there’s a little conditional assembly in the source which allows the code to be assembled without music, replacing it with the classic intro “hum” sound. Both versions are included in this ‘ere video.

The other intro Yoctotro is a little more… extreme on the size coding front, cramming the basics of an intro – a logo, scrolling message and that intro hum again albeit at a different pitch – crammed into less than 300 bytes, starting from the first line of the logo at $07c0 on the screen RAM. This isn’t entered into the competition and could probably be pared down even further if the colours and sound were removed, but I liked the overall look as is and anyone who fancies taking it to extremes can mess around with the source code at their leisure.

So yes, that’s two more releases for 2019 and I have one more intro which should escape before the competition deadline, so yays for that! And on the subject of releases, it’s not entirely mine, but Gerliczer has taken the source code for the C64CD release Stercore 64, ported it to the Plus/4 and released it as Stercore 264 a couple of days back…

…so, whilst I don’t entirely understand the almost unanimously positive reaction it’s received, 264 series owners can now shoot small spacecraft whilst brightly coloured, attribute-based backgrounds scroll by!

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