One Sprite Wander (C64) released

So this release was meant to happen a week ago, but I really haven’t been well… still, here’s One Sprite Wander now, a single sprite 4K intro for the ICC 2019. This was inspired by One-Sprite-Wonder by ROLE from last year, but squished down into the smaller memory footprint and doing a bit more to abuse the sprite.

Along with opening the side borders and splitting a colour register, there’s basically a metric boatload of sprite expansion register twiddling going on to both stretch the single sprite being used vertically and make it wibble horizontally whilst it wanders across the screen.

6 thoughts on “One Sprite Wander (C64) released

  1. I wrote a slightly wonky description of how it works for one of the forums, so might have to turn that into a more in depth post because meh, why not? =-)

  2. Lotsa cuties here lately, but sadly no word on Stercore Plus/4. :( Should we abandon hope? ;(

  3. Right now I’m doing demo code so the games are put to one side anyway but… well, Stercore on the Plus/4 wasn’t exactly Alpharay so is there really a rush for it?

  4. A game doesn’t have to be Alpharay-class for people to love it. And there are so few games for Plus/4 compared to C64. Furthermore, I’d like to see its proper port for TED machines not just my lame conversion.

  5. I’m not sure there’s going to be a lot of difference between my “proper” port and what you or anyone else does though, it’s a painfully simple game from what is essentially a fakelabel that was converted from a CSS Crap Game Compo entry!

    I get there’s not many games and I’ve done a few over the years myself, but are people really that desperate for something so primitive?

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