So who would live in a house like this? Well, the majority of the time at least I answer to the name Jason or T.M.R (a contraction of The Magic Roundabout which has been my scene handle since the early 1990s) but there are a few more derogatory titles that have been applied to me over the years! I’m married to my Beloved and the two of us live in something akin to domestic bliss in “sunny” Leeds, with a cat and a worrying accumulation of retro computer and consoles.

On the programming front I’ve been developing games and demos for 8-bit home computers since my teens, sometimes even managing to actually finish the odd project along the way. I’m a member of the venerable programming group Cosine – a loose team of developers working on platforms ranging from the 8-bit era through to current generation systems which has been around since the mid 1980s – and, for want of a better word, run C64CD, which started out as a response to a “bash blog” but has over the years drifted into programming in part because my attention tends to wander like that.

As far as writing goes I’ve been doing that for over twenty years, first as an amateur – I started as one of the editors on Commodore Zone, a 1990s fanzine for the C64 – and then in a professional capacity, writing the homebrew section of Retro Gamer magazine for the last ten years, covering indie games, remakes and new releases for classic 8- and 16-bit computers and consoles. There’s also a few guest appearances for RGCD and Micro Mart over the years as well.