Some upgrades and catching up

I was going to post on Friday, honest… but the last couple of days have been spent rebuilding my Beloved’s old HP DC7700 as a workstation for myself and then experimenting to find out if it’s powerful enough to grab better quality videos for YouTube than I was managing previously. With that in mind, here’s a recent test where I played Warhawk badly to the point where my arse was handed to me on level 7:

This was recorded straight from WinVICE 3.0 using OBS Studio at what I think should be 480P and, although it’s better than my previous uploads which were dumped straight from the emulator, there’s still some tweaking to do. The next trial will probably be without VICE‘s scanline generation enabled to see if that makes a difference and I’m open to suggestions on what else might help!

The machine itself isn’t done yet; most of my regular software is installed but not fully configured and it’ll be getting more RAM and a second hard disk – shown above and labeled as a “surveilance hard drive” which is slightly concerning, I don’t want Amber Rudd rifling through my source code – as well. I’m hoping those upgrades will improve things on the video grabbing front, but failing that a dive into eBay for a better GeForce card than the one already in there will possibly be in order…

Tidying up hard disks

So today I made a start on cleaning up all the spare hard disks I’ve got lying around; there’s about ten and they’ve all been pulled from a machine in the house and put to one side to “sort out later”. Of course when I actually need the USB to hard disk interface it decides to hide, so I’ve put together something else…

…which adds new and worrying meaning to the word “unstable” since that bare board is balancing precariously on its heat sync which is in turn propped up with a Gameboy Color cartridge to keep it from falling over. I might turn it into a web server next just because I can!

(For the “detail lovers”, that’s an MSI KM4M board with 1Gb of RAM connected to one Seagate and three Western Digital drives with 200Gb in total – I think the Gameboy cartridge is Premier Manager but making sure would involve moving the board!)