Workprint – May 2018

Yes, I’m a little late with the workprint this month but in my defence there have been things going on; I spent a significant chunk of the weekend in an unexpectedly large van with my stepson Matthew and stepson-in-law Josh, heading to Kent for an overnight stay in order to relocate boxes of old computers and software which have been sat in my dad’s garage for… oh, about sixteen years. Here’s what it looked like after we put everything into the van…

…and no, the large Rupert having a lie down on top of everything wasn’t originally mine but has been adopted anyway. I’ve found myself left with a lot to process – both in the literal sense and emotionally, the latter probably being the harder to deal with – but it’s done and everything is in one place now, although I haven’t had a chance to do any serious ferreting around just yet. I did get a family photo before we left for home by the way, so it wasn’t just pictures of storage boxes!

In programming news there hasn’t been much time of late (or more accurately, the problems I’m having with my shoulder means that sitting in front of a computer for extended periods is at best uncomfortable) but the previously mentioned C64CD project is pretty much done with just little extra polish and some “how it works” style articles required before release – there’s an all-formats retro game development competition I like the look of which might serve as a place to put it out, although I’ll need to check their rules properly beforehand since it’s using some wired graphics – and I’ve been doodling a little here and there when spare moments present themselves.

Nostalgia overload

So things have been a little quiet at Roundabout Towers for the last couple of days… because, even if one of the kids didn’t notice for well over a day, I’m not there right now! Instead I’m broadcasting from Kent whilst visiting family and spent yesterday meeting up with good friends Sean Connolly and Frank Gasking to talk about Ye Goode Olde Days and a delightful time was had by all despite having to strain to hear the latter part of the conversation conducted in a surprisingly rowdy Weatherspoons. And what’s the result of close to an entire day reminiscing? Well, I feel painfully old this morning and am relatively sure it wasn’t down to the half pint of cider I had either!

I’m out and about for a few more days and plan to get a little rooting around in my old stuff done as well, so if anything of note pops up it’ll no doubt appear either here or on Facebook at some point, accompanied by dangerously large waves of nostalgia!