MD201605 (C64)

One thing I’m occasionally prone to (in much the same way that the Pope is, allegedly, occasionally prone to defecating in woodland areas) is getting a little carried away; the simple DYCP I’ve previously mentioned was going to be just that, it really was… until part of me decided to bolt a similarly simple tech tech routine in!

And stopping with only two thirds of the screen occupied like that would have been close to impossible, difficult, so MD201605 has all of the above and a third routine which might not even have an official name! In my mind it’s a “Drive rez” effect because it dissolves two logos together and I first saw it in a demo part by Drive which was a contribution to The Ruling Company’s Mega-Co Demo back in 1989.

The source code has some ACME trickery to unroll the DYCP clear and draw routines (so there’s just the one iteration in the source with a loop around it to generate a large chunk of code in the binary) but should still be readable since there are no “trickier” optimisations like MD201602 has to obfuscate things. I wonder if my DYCP fixation is dealt with now…?